I Know I’ve Been Gone a Long Time

by thewheatandthechaff

After making tons of year-end lists in 2011 and getting sampled by Drake with his truly sublime track BTSTU, not to mention repping it for ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’-era Jonathan Pryce on his snazzy website, British producer Jai Paul has just, finally, dropped his second track, ‘Jasmine’ on XL, and it’s every bit as good as you were hoping it would be.

After waiting so long for new music of any kind from the guy, many were beginning to wonder whether the elusive producer had shot his bolt entirely with ‘BTSTU’ and decided to retire from the biz altogether. ‘Jasmine’ lays to rest any such fears and bodes well for future material, which will hopefully arrive a little sooner than it took for this near-perfect rolling, washed out slow jam to show up.

You can stream it below.