Lego Imagines Your Favourite Toons

by thewheatandthechaff

Some nice print work for Lego here from German agency Jung von Matt. Even if the source of inspiration is in dispute, it’s a clever bit of advertising.

Some commentators have argued that kids won’t get most of these references, and that this is too clever and aimed solely at winning awards rather than promoting the brand. They’re missing the point. Do you remember seeing ads for Lego when you were a kid? I don’t. I just remember building a Lego castle with my dad, and my dad being almost as excited as me about it.  By tapping into a few nostalgic cultural references, these ads remind a whole new generation of people who are now old enough to buy toys for their own children how much fun their childhood and playing with Lego was when they were a kid.

Mission accomplished, if you ask me.

No clues. If you can’t work them out, your childhood must have been rubbish.