Lynx Anarchy Presents: The World’s First Invisible Ad

by thewheatandthechaff

Lynx and Soap Creative recently pulled off an innovative stunt in Sydney to launch the brand’s new unisex fragrance, Anarchy. They put a load of hacked LCD screens in the windows of a terrace house to portray various scenes that were only visible when viewed through polarized sunglasses.

They’re calling it the World’s first ‘invisible ad’, but I think  Cossette may have just beaten them to the punch with their billboard for McDonalds – made from reflective tape and only visible when lit up by headlights at night.

Finally, whilst the advert itself is not invisible, agency Jung Von Matt and Mercedes not only blazed a trail but also made the fantasy of James Bond movies reality with their absolutely incredible invisible car earlier this year.

Jung Von Matt, as Sam Thielman of Ad Week explains perfectly, “…has pretty much nailed the web-ad model: show something that people want to share with their friends because it’s cool enough to stand alone on its merits as a stunt or a joke, rather than because it’s slathered with association-producing logos. This is the kind of stuff that ends up plastered all over your Facebook feed.”

And on humble little blogs like this one…