Foot Locker’s Sneaker Skills

by thewheatandthechaff

On a visit to a Foot Locker store in Manhattan during a trip to NYC last year, I was greatly amused by the customer service provided by the many  ‘stripers’ working the shopfloor.  Instead of worrying about silly things like ‘trying to sell stuff to people’, they concentrated their efforts on spitting bars over beats on their phones, chatting up girls and constantly winding each other up. It was bedlam, and you couldn’t help but wish your workplace was this much fun. 

I particularly enjoyed the banter I had with one of the staff which included the inevitable and terrible Dick Van Dyke cockney impression when he found out I was from “Laandaan mate”, and a shout out to the rest of his team about my apparent street cred upon discovering that I live about half a mile away from riot central last year in Hackney.

As well as working hard on their rapping and macking games, it looks like some of them have been putting in some serious hours to perfect their sneaker skills, if this new spot and integrated site by AMV BBDO is anything to go by.

Speaking of impressive yet completely pointless skills, these guys are my heroes right now: