Why Nike just do it better than anyone else in Digital

by thewheatandthechaff

Despite suffering the recent ignominy of being the first company to have a twitter campaign banned by the ASA, Nike and agency R/GA have just killed it at this year’s Cannes Lions (I know I said I wouldn’t talk about them any more. This is the last time, I promise) picking up a Titanium, a Grand Prix in Cyber, a Gold in Integrated and Silver in Mobile for their Nike+ Fuelband.

They also helped UK agency We R Interactive to pick up a Gold in a new Branded Content and Entertainment award for some clever integration with the  ‘I am playr’ game (which makes sense, considering the concept was pretty much an interactive version of Nike’s brilliant ‘Take it to the next level’ spot from a few years ago.

Granted, you could argue that for a brand as stupidly huge and influential as Nike, it would be a crime if they weren’t using their significant resources to exploit the enormous potential of digital and mobile platforms in innovative ways, but they seem to have really embraced the formats and are doing some really great stuff with them.

As Adverblog succinctly put it in their recent Cannes debrief, “this is much bigger than great advertising.  Nike is leading the space showing how successful brands will win by doing things for and with people”

And, just to prove that they’re still supremely skilled at crafting excellent above-the-line stuff too,  they’ve just put out pretty much the coolest TV ad I’ve seen all year. Like a real-world tribute to Mario and Sonic, with a bit of Donkey Kong thrown in.

Fittingly, Nike’s ‘My Time is Now’ ad in May also featured a hidden Sonic game embedded in a version on the official Youtube page. Click on the boot on the hoardings at around three-quarters of the way through the video to access the game.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the Nike+ Fuelband is now available to buy at their Fuelstation concept store at Boxpark.