DFS dump shouty sales ads, still make shit sofas

by thewheatandthechaff

Krow and Outsider have given DFS a radical overhaul in the brand’s latest advert.

You may or probably won’t remember that they first tentatively dipped their toes in the waters of ad respectability in March this year with their ‘stupidly happy’ spot (below), attempting to jettison as much of the well-trodden DFS mega-shouty sales pitch bollocks of yore as possible – you know the ones: people perpetually dancing like twats or leaping over and onto ugly showroom sofas in slow motion as gigantic slashed prices pop up on the screen.

Although there was still a fair bit of twatty dancing, they kept the shouting down to a minimum here and tried their best to do a bit of gentle middle-class re-positioning, whilst still managing to throw in a few price-slash sale badges near the end for old times’ sake. They also had a guy who sounds like the Cooperative “gud with fud” man doing the voiceover.

With their new spot, however, DFS have gone all-out ‘new direction’ on us, and appear, very unwisely, to be going after the John Lewis sofa-set with a pretty transparent attempt at a John Lewis advert. Except, just as with DFS sofas, the ad is a bit of a pale imitation of the genuine article.

Yes, it’s obviously commendable that Krow have managed to persuade DFS that a change in approach is clearly needed, but I have two problems with this ad.

First of all, it ends really flatly. It hints at the catharsis of a classic fractious sibling relationship when the boy gets a piggy-back home from his big bro, but then it doesn’t follow it through to a predictable but crowd-pleasing conclusion. If this were a John Lewis advert,  they’d both be sat on the sofa and the little brother would fall asleep on his big brother’s shoulder at the end and big bro would show that, awwww, he really does have affection for the little git after all. Instead, the little kid just goes and bounces around on his own.

Secondly, and this is the biggest problem facing DFS , they leave it well over a minute before they show a single product here but, when they finally do reveal it, there is simply no getting away from the fact that the sofa at the end looks fucking shit.

Nevermind. At least it’s still got the “gud with fud” impersonator, which is always comforting, isn’t it? More comfortable than that sofa probably is, anyway.