Interactive Pointillist billboard for Jessie Ware

by thewheatandthechaff

A street-level interactive billboard on Broadway Market in Hackney devised by Red Bull and Studio Moross recently invited passers by to complete the artwork for Jessie Ware’s new album ‘Devotion’ by colouring in hundreds of dots, eventually revealing Jessie’s face. All the while, participants could listen to the new album as they ‘worked’.

It’s a really nice low-fi example of an interactive ad with effective reach. Be sure to head over to Kate Moross’ studio site to check out some of the other cool stuff her team has been up to.




The billboard has now been removed, but ‘Devotion’ is out now and is really rather good. Below is her latest single ‘Sweet Talk’, which comes across all effortlessly sexy, sad and wistful the way Sade used to.