Samsung targets Apple fanboys in new ad

by thewheatandthechaff

As the new and mildly underwhelming iPhone 5 launched to an inevitable tidal wave of frenzied excitement across the globe, Apple’s biggest fans Samsung set about taking the piss out of the fanboys and girls they secretly wish were queuing in droves outside their stores instead, but aren’t.

Although it lets itself down half-way through by morphing into a jarring sales ad for the SIII (you can just imagine the client saying “yeah, yeah, this is really great guys, but could you also include this unique feature in there somewhere as well?”), I like that they’ve channelled some of the obvious bitterness caused by the fallout of copycat-gate into a pretty funny send-up of a part of the market that they probably accepted long ago they have no chance of reaching anyway.

For me, the biggest disappointment with the latest ad is that it lacks a line anywhere near as killer as the one featured in the previous spot for the SII, below.

“I could never get a Samsung. I’m creative”…”Dude, you’re a barrista”.

So fucking true.