by thewheatandthechaff

It’s the weekend. Here are some things you can do with yours.


From the 6th to the 9th December over thirty stalls from many of London’s most exciting new restaurants, street food vendors and chefs are all getting wrapped up together inside an old Victorian Sorting Office in Islington (alongside entertainment, live music and DJs), and topped with a shiny Christmas bow.

At this ultimate time-saver of a boisterous Christmas banquet you’ll find treats from Hix, “sort of Jewish Deli” Mishkin’s, Moro, the Modern Pantry and Tonkotsu; drinks from background bars and street food from big names like Lucky Chip, Pizza Pilgrims and Big Apple Hotdogs.

There’ll also be Christmas trees on sale, live music from the John Langan Band, the Ewan Bleach trio and more, plus a live experiment (described as a “total sensory assault”) by Bompas and Parr.

All the best stuff under one roof… Ergo, problem solved.

Tickets cost £7.50, and are available over the weekend for either afternoon (12pm-4pm) or evening (4pm-8pm) sessions HERE. Also, if going in a group, you can buy 5 tickets and get one free…


From Time Out: “An Englishman enters a Glasgow pub, and asks for a shandy. To which the barman replies, “We don’t do cocktails”.

Well he does now, if the craft beer revolutionaries behind BrewDog have anything to do with it. Because  the self-proclaimed “beacon of non-conformity in an increasingly monotone corporate desert” is mixing things up with the launch of its new subterranean, craft beer cocktail-serving speakeasy, ‘Underdog’.

It’s a dimly-lit bar – accessible by asking any bartender on the ground floor to take you downstairs – that’s stacked full of oddities. From snakes curled up in jars, random taxidermy and small boxes inexplicably filled with human hair, to a hidden voodoo corner where tables are surrounded by melted candles, shrunken skulls and one large, imposing skeleton.

With a New Orleans ‘juke joint’ vibe, and to a soundtrack of dirty blues, you’ll find the dandyish, moustachioed Roy – described by the bar’s manager as “a gentleman bastard, who basically looks like a French film director from the 1940s” – mixing up craft beer concoctions in what appears to be more of an apothecary than a bar.

A “beacon of non-conformity” opening up yet another speakeasy style bar in London? Hold your scorn, because trialling Roy’s concoctions – including the Snakebiterita (cider brandy, Cointreau and agave syrup), Boil Your Maker (a mix of bourbon, craft beer and vermouth), the Hot Dawg and the Dead Pony-Groni – is what this is all about.”

UnderDog , 51 – 55 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, 020 7729 8476

DANCE HERE:  ‘A Love from Outer Space’, Corsica Studios

Andrew Weatherall needs no introduction, being a certified national treasure; Sean Johnston is one half of supreme disco editing duo The Hardway Brothers. Together, they will play a back-to-back 8 hour marathon set of cosmic narco disco and dark-hearted rockabilly, interspersed with oddities from the backpages of post-punk, industrial and kosmische, all the while “never knowlingly exceedingly 122bpm”. Room two sees ridiculously strong support from Dan Avery, Eskimo Twins and Legowelt.

Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Road, London, SE17 1L

SEE THIS: Christmas Past @ The Geffrye Museum

A living room in 1965

From Time Out: One of London’s prettiest attractions, tucked into a cleverly converted alms-house building, the Geffrye Museum in east London traces changes in middle-class taste in interior design from 1600 to the present day through a series of period room settings. At this time of year, a few carefully researched festive touches are added to each space: a spray of greenery here, a bauble there; nothing very flashy. In fact, nothing much at all until the Victorian room where the Christmas tree and Christmas cards make an appearance.

There are numerous schools of thought about the point at which it’s appropriate to start planning Christmas. For department stores, it’s the first week in July; at the other extreme there’s a happy band of people who favour 4pm on December 24 (and tend to do their Christmas shopping at petrol station supermarkets). Others take their cue from this annual show. Modest though it is, there’s something rather magical about ‘Christmas Past’. Fans of this gem of a museum tend to make an annual pilgrimage to stock up on great Christmas cards from the museum shop and savour the show’s seasonal charm.”

The Geffrye Museum, 136 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, E2 8EA