2 nice bits of digital from VW

by thewheatandthechaff

1. VW ‘Polowers’, Spain

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the most desired car models for young people in Europe. However, no one was really talking about it in Spain. In order to foster (here comes that dreaded word) “engagement” amongst the digital native target, DDB Spain developed a strategy in social networks aimed to convert the brand into the first topic of conversation on Twitter for a day. The focus of the action was the creation of the hashtag #Polowers, the name of the VW Polo Followers. The topic of conversation? The first ever Polowers Race on Twitter.

The campaign generated more than 150,000 tweets 8 hours after launching, at a rate of 5 tweets per second. And it did so on more than 10% of Twitter´s total audience in Spain, in addition to leading the Top 10 trending topics. The game also generated a vast amount of visits to Polo´s product section on http://www.volkswagen.es, reaching a record high.

2. VW’s Day of the Dead Musical Altar, Mexico

Day of the Dead is probably one of the most renowned Mexican traditions. And Mexico just happens to be the country where the last (old) Volkswagen Beetle was made, so last year Grupo W came up with a nice little idea to celebrate the classic car that is now gone: an altar honoring it.

visit VW Dia de Muertos to check it out.