It’s Fiat’s turn to do a ‘white-people-rapping-ad’

by thewheatandthechaff

Fiat has released yet another example of the advertising ‘hilarity’ that is white people rapping. This one, created by Krow, fits into the emerging subgenre of gangsta parents. Called “The Motherhood,” the campaign is a blatant redux of Toyota’s Swagger Wagon, itself the bastard offspring of the Yeo Valley Rap, Smirnoff’s Tea Partaay and others, themselves a savvy homage to Lonely Island‘s hugely successful output. I wanted to hate this just for the concept’s sheer lack of originality, but the Fiat spot is sufficiently well-written to have already reached almost 2 million views in a couple of weeks, so it must be doing something right. And it does demonstrate more marketing sophistication than their other recent ‘notable’ work.


But this has to be the time this now well-worn device is used. Please.

And, for no other real reason than to showcase its sheer genius once more, advertisers take note: This is how its done.


The girl in Fiat’s crude, sexist and in-no-way appealing Scorpio ad linked above is Catrinel Menghia, by the way. Not that you were interested, of course…