Messi deserves a tribute better than this

by thewheatandthechaff

Lionel Messi’s unprecedented fourth Fifa World Player of the Year award in a row has been marked by an animated film from his sponsor, Adidas, created by Iris Worldwide and director Richard Swarbrick. The film features a handful of Messi’s incredible record-breaking tally of 91 goals in scored in a calendar year.

If you think the work feels  familiar it’s because it is: Swarbrick produced a very similar series of films in 2011 for the Sun’s football coverage via agency WCRS, which were in turn based on his earlier personal work.

Whilst the visuals in the Messi film are undoubtedly beautiful, the decision to use the same idea for such similar subject matter is baffling. It displays a complete lack of originality and creativity on Adidas’ and Iris’ part. The world’s greatest footballer surely deserves a tribute more fitting of his individual brilliance than than this?