Foodies’ tags hijacked for good on Instagram

by thewheatandthechaff

This is the story of a social media hijack: A smart (and free) media placement on Instagram to highlight that 5,000 people in Sweden won’t have enough food or shelter this winter.

#yummy #brunch #food #foodporn and others are among the most popular hashtags on Instagram. For some reason people just love to share what they eat, flooding the social network with images of food. So why not take advantage of this visual food overdose trend to deliver a strong social message?

In a riff on DDB’s #Firstworldproblems campaign for Water Is Life from last year, Pool and non-profit organization Soppkok Stockholm (Soup Kitchen Stockholm) posted their own photos on Instagram, showing empty dishes and a clear direct message. Then the tagged the images with the right keywords to make them show up in the feed of the foodies and open their eyes on the struggle of a lot of people. What a simple, great idea.

via PJ Lindqvist