RIP Bob Levenson

by thewheatandthechaff

You’ll find this ad in the D&AD Copy Book. It was written by Bob Levenson who was an integral part of the Bernbach crew that helped invent modern advertising.

Bob passed away last week. He was 83. Here’s what he had to say about the state of our industry many years before it found itself in the state it’s currently in:

“We are a nation of smart people. And most smart people ignore most advertising because most advertising ignores smart people…”

“…Unless we change, the tidal wave of consumer indifference will wallop into the mountain of advertising and manufacturing drivel. That day we die. We’ll die in our marketplace. On our shelves. In our gleaming packages of empty promises. Not with a bang. Not with a whimper. But by our own skilled hands.”

I for one hope that Bob witnessed enough positive signs of change in these, and his, last months to have a little more cause for optimism about the health of the industry before he passed.