The Quantified Self and hacking your body is nothing new: just ask Lance Armstrong

by thewheatandthechaff

Had to post this fascinating article by Tim Carmody from The Verge on Lance Armstrong’s body-hacking and the science of doping. As well as discussing the most sophisticated doping programme in the history of sport, he poses an interesting question:

“…professional athletics at the global stage is in no small part about exploring the limits of human potential. We’re already in a world where surgery, prescription drugs, and new technology enable us to break our natural limits. If doping were made legal, open not just to professional athletes but to anyone willing to experiment on themselves, who would be harmed?

…The only consistent anti-doping policy, whether in medicine or in sports, is that use of banned substances, whatever their effect on performance, risks serious harm while posing no benefits to health. If the long-term and short-term risks of PEDs could be eliminated, and a boost to overall health, not just racing times or home run counts, could be shown, then we all may find ourselves tinkering with our chemistry…

Quantified self, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Read the full article here.