Internet Explorer and Generation Y

by thewheatandthechaff


Hey guys, you remember the the 90s?…(tenuous nostalgia trip)… well now we’re NEW again! It’s the NEW version! It’s NEW AND IMPROVED! We are RELEVANT!

Microsoft has released a new advert for Internet Explorer which might just make you cry – if you were born between 1984 and 1989, have a taste for nostalgia and turn the music up really loud.

The ‘Child Of The 90s’ ad takes a trip back through everything that was popular back in the land before iPods, including Pogs, bad haircuts and, well, Internet Explorer.

The point is that you grew up, and so did they. So switch from Chrome already.

But the effect for the right audience – including yours truly – is just to make you a bit weepy for a lost time when the internet made weird noises when connecting and Rage Against The Machine were still making albums. And then carry on browsing in Chrome.