The Smart Tasting Prototype

by thewheatandthechaff


Architecture and design firm Think Big Factory has developed a prototype in collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center and Fagor Electrodomésticos. The Smart Tasting prototype merges the digital and physical worlds – fast becoming an irritating cliche –  into the dining experience.

Interactive elements and projections are shown on the table and objects, there are projections on the panels surrounding the diners, and also in the kitchen area where the dishes are being created.

The diners can watch real-time cooking on a screen, while chefs can watch the diners, and elements of sound and light are used to augment the experience.

Personally, this is one area of culture where I have no desire to see digital and physical worlds ‘blur’. Can’t a restaurant just be a nice place where we can enjoy a well-cooked meal with friends without being subjected to wanky sensoral overload?