Yellow Loveless

by thewheatandthechaff

yellow loveless

I’m not going to talk any more here about My Bloody Valentine‘s new album because the internet already pretty much exploded when it launched last week anyway (the long and short of it: it sounds a lot like Loveless-era MBV. This is not a bad thing).

What might have escaped your attention though is Yellow Loveless – Japan: a cracking collection of covers of MBV’s landmark album by a number of Japanese bands and artists – including Shonen Knife, Boris and the fantastically named Shinobu Narita : 4-D mode1.

Below is Shonen Knife’s rather lovely old-school girl group contribution, When you Sleep

At this point and due to various licensing reasons the CD is only available in Japan, but you can watch more tracks from the rest of the album here.

(Cheers to Tom S for the heads up on this)