Tattoo studio’s brilliant recruitment ad doubles as an application form

by thewheatandthechaff


Once in a blue moon, an ad using a QR code somehow manages not to suck. We had the Guinness QR cup. There was also the shadow-activated QR code from Korea. And now we have this awesome ad from Turkey from a tattoo studio seeking new tattoo artists. The ad in effect becomes the first step of the interview process—applicants must display their drawing skills by filling in the QR code that’s faintly visible on the ad. Those who filled in the code perfectly could scan it to receive the official application form by email. Great work by BÜRO in Istanbul. See the full print ad below. Tattoo QR 2

tumblr_mj1b6qtyQq1ru7el9o2_500 (1)

(via Hello You Creatives.)