Oreo’s Super Important Test: A new level of silliness from W+K

by thewheatandthechaff


Oreo’s “Cookie versus Cream” campaign, which has seen its central debate play out in a Super Bowl spot, a participatory Instagram campaign and in the halls of science, has culminated in a final face-off. It’s called the Super Important Test, and it allows you, the snacker, to decide which part of the Oreo is best.

It turns out there’s no wrong answer. Click on the cookie icon or on the cream icon on the site, created by Wieden+Kennedy who have taken their penchant for random silliness to new levels here, and you’ll be treated to one of a few dozen ridiculous videos, many of which defy explanation or description.

My fave so far is the really, really, really, really long lorry (screengrab below).