Dishoom’s customers stories shared on plates

by thewheatandthechaff


OgilvyOne UK has created a campaign for new Shoreditch restaurant Dishoom that allows visitors to share their experiences on one-off plates that will be added to the restaurant’s inventory for other people to read and share.

The restaurant plays homage to the Irani cafés in India, where people of different backgrounds and means share food and stories. The campaign is anchored in this idea of sharing, and launched with 80 typographic plates that incorporate the personal memories of Irani cafés from the older generation in Bombay and the UK, collected through spoken accounts and on the internet.





The agency wanted to capture the spoken history of the old Bombay cafés and share them with a new generation, according to Emma DeLaFosse, executive creative director at OgilvyOne UK. “But rather than using Twitter or Facebook, it seemed more fitting to use real plates, as the sharing of plates of food is an inherent part of the cutlure of these cafés.”


Customers of Dishoom can submit their own stories and memories online, with the best chosen and fired onto plates to be used in the restaurant.