Romain Gavras leads an epic charge for Samsung

by thewheatandthechaff


In this new video which forms half of a new global campaign for Samsung by Chi & Partners, established team player Romain Gavras, the man responsible for the magnificent Bad Girls video, as well as controversy magnet-promos Born Free and Stress, leads almost every type of team – from New York City cops, to gladiators, to cheerleaders, to dinosaurs careering wildly down a Herculean beach for their new Charge campaign. This is a simple idea executed with gunpowder, and completely blows pretty much every other current ad out the water. Romain, again, well done sir.


A second commercial, directed by Adam Berg at Stink, features a deserted city replete with movie references, from the Lion King to War of the Worlds, with the hero controlling each and every one. You can’t help but compare the second spot to Blackberry’s lacklustre showing at the Super Bowl this year, which had a man strolling through a city doing some pretty awesome things. Except, as it turned out, those were all things that phone couldn’t do.

(via It’s Nice That & Creativity-Online)