Perrier Secret Place

by thewheatandthechaff


Through another ambitious immersive interactive experience, this time with up to 1h20 of content, Perrier Secret Place invites you to party through the eyes of 60 guests in a glamorous den of (alcohol-free) iniquity hidden somewhere in Paris.

This new opus is stylistically and thematically consistent with former approaches by the brand: Club Perrier, and the Perrier Mansion featuring the hardest working gal in burlesque, Dita von Tease. The goal with this entry into the Perrier Party Cannon is for fans to work their way through the various characters stories and party rooms to uncover five clues which will eventually lead them to a secret bottle of the fizzy stuff. Discovering the secret bottle enters them into a prize draw to win an exclusive invitation to a legendary global night out : a party in St Tropez, New Year’s eve in Sydney, Miami Art Basel, Carnival in Rio and the closing of the Ibiza season.

Buzzman is in charge of the social media amplification, and have been dropping hints on the Perrier Facebook page to help fans uncover the clues.


It took 18 months for Ogilvy Paris to write and produce the project. They created 1 hour and 20 minutes of content that allows users to experience a unique evening scenario every time they play. At the end, among thousands of different first-person journeys you can take during the evening, only one leads to the secret bottle.

They’ve also managed to incorporate a nice bit of data visualisation which allows you to keep track of which characters you’ve played as so far.

Perrier-Secret-Place-Infographics-640x358 (1)

I get that Perrier are clearly positioning themselves as the debauched reveller’s sparkling mineral water of choice – and, at least in terms of production and user experience, they do it very well here – but I still don’t understand why all of these exclusive, crazy, sexy parties are only stocked with perrier water, and nothing stronger? They’re either catering solely for recovering alcoholics who still like to get down, or everyone at these parties is pilled off their tits. This guy below clearly is, at least.


This first-person, wild party immersive experience schtick appears to be the en vogue digital execution for our French cousins, with previous award-winning efforts by Lacoste and MTV adopting a similar approach.