by thewheatandthechaff


The issue of privacy in urban areas is a commonly discussed and complex subject, as city dwellers often seek solitude in different places and have their own perception of what is and isn’t private.

BMW Guggenheim Lab, a mobile laboratory traveling around the world to inspire innovative ideas for urban design and new ways of thinking about urban life, created a simple interactive survey, that lets its users explore the topic of privacy by looking at where it can be experienced in their city. Users are presented with a variety of spaces ranging from museums to workspaces, allowing them to select where they most often look for retreat.

Results are displayed in a unique visual graph that can be compared to the outcomes generated by other users around the world. This illustrates how experiences differ on local and global levels. As more people add their insights, more complex patterns emerge.

The project was designed to accompany two previous studies conducted over the last seven months in BMW Guggenheim Lab, based in Mumbai. Further research on the subject is currently being undertaken.

The end goal is to collect enough data and intelligently address the issue through design.

(via Protein)