Only God Forgives

by thewheatandthechaff

only god forgives


What do you expect from the Only God Forgives poster? Ryan Gosling, surely. Ryan Gosling, looking cool. Ryan Gosling, looking like he might just be about to do something extremely violent. Well think on. With typical Nicolas Winding Refn-type glee in wrong-footing its audience, the poster that just arrived gives us a big neon devil dragon head.

Eschewing the typical cast shot then, this looks to be a nod to the karaoke bars and Thai boxing dens that our hero frequents. There’s a motion poster version too, to further inhabit that seedy flashing sign vibe.



There’s more than a whiff of Enter the Void’s epilepsy-inducing title sequence about it, but even after Kanye’s usual direct rip-off respectful “homage” to the visual style in his All of the Lights video, it’s compelling enough to warrant another execution here.

Below, in case you hadn’t seen it, is the trailer for the movie, out this summer: