Daft Punk: Get Lucky

by thewheatandthechaff


I questioned the point of posting yet another review of Daft Punk’s new single, released last week, lost as it would be in the tidal wave of hype and hyperbole from thousands of other far more revered, followed and favourite sources of music info than this humble blog.

The only justifiable reason to fill up a little bit more of the web with yet more words about “Get Lucky” would be if I’d decided my role was to act as a dissenting voice as to it’s universally hailed brilliance (I’m not) or had an inside scoop on it’s production (I don’t).

And yet in spite of this, I still felt compelled to add my own personal seal of approval, whatever it’s worth (not much, I know), to a track so shimmering with disco ball magic, it is surely destined to become the crossover mega hit of the summer. As with many gold-plated, tailor made summer jams, it will almost certainly become so played out so often everywhere from Dalston to Derby, from Watergate to WonderWorld, it will get tiresome for many people very, very quickly. But not for me.

“Get Lucky”‘s real elegance lies in the hands of Nile Rodgers, which is no doubt Daft Punk’s intent. With that sprightly, ageless platinum guitar riff, the track emulates the type of choppy lines Nile once gave to Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” thirty-plus years ago. The vocodered break from Daft Punk thrills as well, but Rodgers is the reason that “Get Lucky” could dilate into hours and hours of pleasure without tedium ever settling in.

So, with that, here it is again.