JTI are out-of-date douchebags running scared

by thewheatandthechaff


Tobacco giants and all-round morally bankrupt bastards JTI have graced us with their latest bullshit print ad which forms part of a £2m campaign launched in July last year, opposing the idea of putting all tobacco products in plain, standardised packs of uniform size, shape and design.

JTI’s latest ad uses a 2011 letter between civil servants in the UK and Australia in another effort to discredit plain, standardised packs as being without evidence (Australia introduced standard packs in December 2012). Another shot of the ad below, featuring the letter referenced in full, but without the crap copy, weirdly.


Who are they even trying to appeal to here? The Government? Existing smokers who are probably already brand-loyal? Or new, yet-to-be converted lucrative young’ns who might be swayed by a nice logo and a splash of colour? And if, as they smugly insist, there’s no proof that plain branding will stop people smoking their cigarrettes, what are they worried about?

The ongoing use of such a large advertising budget to try to block this measure obviously highlights the industry’s fear of how effective this move will be in reducing the attractiveness of their products.

Here’s hoping it’s one of the final pathetic death rattles of a dying industry.