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Nike honours and challenges Kobe Bryant in the same ad


Nike placed this ad in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times (and in social media), honoring Kobe Bryant following his season-ending injury. It’s classic Nike—simple, rhythmic, inspirational. It’s also sly. It reads like a career retrospective, until the last line, when it’s revealed to be anything but.

The Laker responded on Twitter that he was ‘touched beyond words’ by Nike’s ad (below).

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 14.31.37

From Tiger Woods to Bryant, you can always count on Nike never to be boring.


The faded glamour of abandoned theatres


Photographer Julia Solis captures poetic photographs of ruined theaters and movie palaces that were once glittering and grand.

For her latest book Stages of Decayher collection of previously-ornate and -elegant spaces captured across US and Europe over several years is eerie yet intriguing—reminding its viewers that over time, glory and beauty fades.









(via Design Taxi)

The unit of delivery is the team


Russell Davies, who was part of the GDS team that last week won the prestigious Design of the Year Award, reflects on what brands can learn from the process he and his team went through. He’s still trying to figure a lot of that out, but here are his starters for 10:

1. The Unit of Delivery is The Team

2. The Product Is The Service Is The Marketing

3. Digital is Not Comms, And It’s Not IT, It’s Your Business

Read his full post here.