The Con

by thewheatandthechaff


I’ve never attended a comic, sci-fi, video game, horror or any other type of convention, but I imagined them to be packed with devoted superfans in incredible replica costumes demonstrating their (possibly unhealthy) love for their favourite superhero or character. I had hoped against hope that these conventions to offer the type of people who go – even if it’s just for a few hours – a nice little break from reality: a fantasy world full of weird and wonderful characters.

Photographer Vincent Glielmi sheds a different light on the people that take part in these events. Shooting attendees in the harsh light of the drab conference centre, often at ‘in-between’ moments, with the stark contrast between their costumes and the environments surrounding them, Gliemi depicts a disheartening level of mundanity that pervades at these events.

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(via It’s Nice That)

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