Faktum Hotels: A boutique approach to help the homeless

by thewheatandthechaff


Clever play by Forsman & Bodenfors to promote Gothenburg’s street newspaper “Faktum” through a tongue in cheek online hotel booking platform. They chose ten places where any of the 3400 homeless people were likely to spend the night in Gothenburg – and made it possible to book each place, just like any hotel.

I love the detail of the photography, copy and sound design on the website.  F&B hired a travel photographer from Condé Nast for the shoot. Each ‘room’ is described using language often deployed to sell boutique hotels or luxury travel destinations.


Any of the ‘rooms’ could be booked for yourself or booked to give away as a gift. The idea is interesting because it creates a social currency out of the act of donating, something we’ve seen done well previously by DDB for Greenpeace with The New Warrior.

(via Adverblog)