Grey makes a clever secret message that only child-abuse victims can see (then ruins it taking it viral)

by thewheatandthechaff


An anti-child abuse advert with a clever secret message that only children can see, so that even if they’re with their aggressor, they can still find out where to get help? What a very, very clever idea by Grey.

So clever, in fact, that they couldn’t help themselves, and decided to show everyone else how very clever it was by sticking it on YouTube, for lots and lots of people – over six million people on YouTube so far alone – to see how very clever they’ve been. It’s since been picked up by mainstream media sources and broadcast all over the world across every channel, which I guess means that the clever secret is now probably out, and that any mistreated kid who is unfortunate enough to be caught looking at these ads while out with their scumbag abusers is in for it now.


But at least now everyone knows how clever Grey are. And that’s what’s really important here, right?