Daft Punk’s most important collaborator

by thewheatandthechaff


The build-up to today’s official release of Daft Punk’s new album has pretty much dominated life for the last 6 weeks, with teases at Coachella, stellar first single “Get Lucky”, insanely raised expectations, illegal leaks, official live streams and some seriously over-the-top marmite reactions to the LP itself. Perhaps one of the most overblown bits of coverage over the last few weeks has been The Creators Project‘s series of interviews with various collaborators who worked on the album, with the likes of Pharell and Nile Rogers waxing lyrical about the creative process as if they had finally cracked the solution for World Peace, and not just made a few new tracks together.

Funny or Die has posted a hilarious new vid that spoofs the series, interviewing “Andrew the Pizza Guy.” He collaborated with Daft Punk too, selling them a next-level pizza during the recording process. “It was like eight slices from the future,” Andrew the Pizza Guy says. “It felt like I wasn’t even dealing with humans.” Check it out here.