Puma Dance Dictionary

by thewheatandthechaff


The Puma Dance Dictionary, created by Grey London to push the brand’s new Sync fragrances (yes, Puma makes fragrances), allows users to select words and phrases which are then translated into dance moves by freestyle performers. These “moving” messages can be shared via social media or emailed to friends.

You start with various templates and then shift a few words in and out to create sentences. The pre-set “I love women with heart,” for example, can be changed to “I love women with popcorn.” Or “I love guys with muscles.” Or even “I love women with nuts,” if you’re into that. Manipulating other templates yields sentiments like “Money makes me want to get naked,” “Hey bro, your face is crazy” and “Will you stroke my girlfriend?”


This doesn’t offer up as much fun as you’d hope for, however, as the vocabulary is too limited. I understand the dancers could interpret only so many words, and Puma naturally wants to avoid potential hate speech or outright vulgarity, but it just feels a little too linear to warrant repeat visits or sharing on social. It’s beautifully shot and offers a pretty seamless and immersive user experience, but the enterprise seems a little hamstrung by a lack of true interaction. It feels like a derivative step backwards from ASOS Urban Tour, and the brand message is ill defined.

It has definitely given me a few new killer moves for my locker, though (although I pretty much taught this lot all they know).