Raving 89: What Gavin Watson did after Skins and Punks

by thewheatandthechaff


In 1989, Gavin Watson went from being a documenter of skinhead culture to being one of the only people who managed to operate a camera through the ecstasy haze that enveloped England that year. At the time, rave was a revolution, even if it has now been run into the ground. Vice spoke to Gavin about those halcyon days when you could dance all night on one pill, and about the photos he took which are compiled in a book called Raving ’89.

Below a selection of photos from the book:


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Raving89 raving89emma

While we’re on the subject of nostalgic recollections of the halcyon days of rave, go and check out another excellent piece from the ever reliable Clive Martin on how rave and hardcore YouTube comments will restore your faith in humanity.