Chrome Racer is the coolest thing Google has ever done

by thewheatandthechaff


I know I’ve already written this week about a clever new Chrome extension by Big Bad Google, but there’s just no way I could leave this  unmentioned.

The latest Chrome Experiments—two retro-styled games designed to show off the advanced capabilities of the company’s browser – are both mind-blowingly clever feats of technology, but only one of them, Racer, features a scalextric set as re-imagined by the producers of TRON and a blistering Giorgio Moroder soundtrack, which makes it pretty much the coolest thing Google has ever done.

Both games are cutting edge and let users play across multiple screens—phones, tablets and computers – without the need for downloads or apps, and on either IOS or Android. Roll It allows you to control the trajectory of a virtual skeeball on a desktop or laptop screen by moving a smartphone handset this way and that. Pretty nifty, but a still a bit… meh.


Racer, on the other hand(s), lets you drive cars around a neon racetrack across as many as five (thats one-two-three-four-FIVE) mobile devices! Watch your little glowing racer speed from the phone you’re holding to the tablet in your mate’s hand! And then onto another phone in another mate’s hand! And then on to another tablet in another mate’s hand! And back round again! All the while, a pulsating electronic synth workout produced by one of the greatest musical living legends soundtracks the action!


What are you waiting for? Go and find some friends and play it now! Did I mention Giovanni Giorgio blimmin’ Moroder did the music for this??