My blood is red and black

by thewheatandthechaff



With the announcement of this year’s D&AD Award Winners neatly summarised over at Creative Review yesterday, I just wanted to single out one of my personal faves for extra praise.

To combat a shortage of blood donations in Bahia, Brazil, local football club Esporte Clube Vitoria changed its red and black striped kit to white, pledging to change it back stripe by stripe until donations reached the target amount. Harnessing fans’ passion for the literal fabric of their club’s identity is such a simple but fiendishly clever idea aligned to a brilliant bit of insight, and as the case study below illustrates, generated great results for a very worthy cause.


It’s heartening to see the celebrity influence of footballers being used for a more worthy cause than endorsing sportswear. Changing something as iconic as Vitoria’s football kit was a smart way of highlighting the need for blood donation, immediately creating curiosity among sports fans as to why their clothing has changed and then keeping the issue front of mind as it gradually changed throughout the season.

The campaign plays with the concept of social cohesion – bringing people together around a common cause – linking local feelings of pride and camaraderie related to the support of a football team to the support of a national health cause that affects the entire country.

Bloody good work.