The strange beauty of abandoned amusement parks

by thewheatandthechaff

Nara Dreamland Park, Japan

Stumbled across this via Reece Shearsmith on Twitter. Oddly compelling and strangely haunting images of abandoned theme parks from around the world:

Abandoned amusement park, Dunaújváros, Hungary Abandoned Gulliver's Travels Amusement Park Amusement Park S, Berlin berlin12 berlin22 Bumper Cars, in the city of Prypiat, Ukraine cat2 Dadipark, Belgium Dartmouth, MA, the remains of Lincoln Park’s Comet Roller Coaster Hubei Province, China joyland2 Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Panama nara22 Okutama Rope Bridge park12 Pemba, Tanzania Six Flags New Orleans Six Flags, New Orleans Takakanonumi Park, Japan UFO pod vilage, Taiwan Williams Grove Amusement Park, Pennsylvania Wonderland Amusement Park, China

Looking through these brought back depressing memories of a visit as an 11-year old to the Flinstones Bedrock City “Amusement Park” in Williams, AZ. Built over 40 years ago during the Route 66 roadside attraction craze, this lonely concrete replica of a cartoon town had seen better days, and was eerily deserted. A selection of photos sourced online perfectly encapsulate the tragic air of the place, below:


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I was very surprised to see that, en route to Las Vegas for a stag do last January, the place was still there. I was sure it would be long gone by now. I searched for it when I returned and found this piece from Messy Nessy Chic from later that same year, which aptly describes the place with the same grim fascination I have now, but completely lacked as a simply disappointed young child when I first saw it myself some 17 years ago.

“You can only wonder how Bedrock City in Arizona even still exists and if was it ever a popular stop for tourists on their way to the Grand Canyon? Isolated in the middle of the Arizona desert, a giant Fred Flintstone cutout prevails over the thirsty landscape.   The park employs a staff of two or three people at best. Infrequent curious visitors drift in and out of multicolor concrete bungalows and survey the neglect that marks the expiration date of a 1960s cult animated series so many grew up with.”


Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 17.43.02

Yabba-Dabba-Doo not be tempted to visit it if you’re ever passing.