Office Vinyl: Analogue and digital combine for some musical PR wankery

by thewheatandthechaff



Creative Directors are a notoriously tough target audience to try to impress. Aware of this (but seemingly unaware that they should be targeting people who actually work in music rather than in advertising), Kontor records and Ogilvy Germany came up with a typically pointless tech-innovation idea to promote Boris Dlugosch’s new single (he was the guy who released that enormous electro track on Erol’s Phantasy imprint – Bangkok – a few years ago, which both destroyed dancefloors and pretty much signalled the nadir of the genre). A DIY turntable, made out of the packaging from the record sleeve, that comes with the vinyl, and, when combined with your smartphone, that allows you to ‘play’ the record, even moving the needle across the record to play different tracks.


So that’s an old-fashioned marketing tool, used to deliver an analogue music medium, but consumed, like, digitally? And then, a few minutes later, it’s totally disposable and pointless in every way. Nathan Barley would be all over this shit. Well fucking futile.