Mix: Todd Terje Essential Mix

by thewheatandthechaff


Todd Terje is perhaps most widely recognised by many for 2012′s deliriously uplifting ‘Inspector Norse‘, however he first came to many cosmic disco aficionados attention with the chugging dance floor slayer ‘Ragysh‘, which earned itself the number 5 spot in Resident Advisors Top 50 tracks of 2011, and was my personal highlight of the Trouble Vision boat party at that year’s Stop Making Sense festival (despite some appraisals of Terje’s sound as providing the perfect ‘beach bar’ soundtrack coming across as back-handed compliments, I mean it sincerely in the most positive light when I say that there are fewer places on earth more perfect to hear Ragysh than on a boat party in the middle of the Adriatic, bathed in glistening sunshine).

Ragysh actually marked a return to the music community after a 5 year hiatus for the Scandinavian, and since then, for want of a better cliché, he hasn’t looked back. ‘Inspector Norse’ quickly followed with its summery melodic synth setting a warm twinkling thread for future records, such as Hot Chips – How Do You Do? remix and his most recent records ‘Lanzarote‘ and current gem ‘Strandbar‘, itself a glorious up yours retaliation to the ‘beach bar’ labels (Strandbar is Norwegian for Beach Bar).

If you enjoy uplifting analogue synths underpinned by a cool disco edge then you would be hard pressed to look any further than Todd Terje. Actually, if you have even the slightest shred of  love and optimism in your soul, then Terje is your man. It’s as simple as that. The guy is pretty much unfuckwithable in my eyes.

Whilst the following Essential Mix, played out last Friday, sadly doesn’t feature Strandbar (disko mix) built in as the centrepiece or finale, as I had hoped, you do get the feeling the records selected fully reflect his awesomely eclectic music library.

This is no standard Essential Mix, then. Rather than reaching for the latest dance floor heaters, Terje has elected to delve into what is a clearly a crate diggers paradise, never forgetting to keep the groove, erm, grooving. Essential Mix of the year?



01. Wally Badarou – Voices 1’49”
02. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Robin Scott – Once In A Lifetime
03. Herb Alpert – Rotation
04. Jim Morrison – Ghost Song
05. Guru Guru – Tacoma
06. Edu Lobo – Zanzibar
07. Paul Mauriat – From Jupiter With Love
08. Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel – Cumbanchero
09. Traks – Wild Safari (Todd Terje Edit)
10. Men At Work – Down Under (Chuck Norris Dub)
11. Dennis Brown – Out Of The Funk
12. Tanner Ross – Straight To The Moon
13. Tim Green – Cherry
14. Johnwaynes – 1002 Nights
15. Nee Karabcek – Yali Yali (Todd Terje Edit)
16. Angelo & Eighteen – Flight 2
17. Status IV – You Ain’t Really Down (Todd Terje Edit)
18. Lone – Lying In The Reeds
19. Chico Hablas – Los Voladores (Todd Terje Edit)
20. Joe – R.E.J. Bit
21. Kitty Winter – New Morning (Prins Thomas Edit)
22. Shindai Lovers – A Little Bit Faster
23. Linus Loves – Skagg
24. Steve Miller Band – Serenade
25. Sleazy McQueen – Mrs. Vanderbilt
26. Guitar Slim Green – Shake It Up (Todd Terje Edit)
27. Gerry Rafferty – Right Down The Line
28. Nicolette Larson – Lotta Love