Mix: Move D in session for Mixmag

by thewheatandthechaff


Move D is the people’s champion. He’s a DJ made legendary thanks to countless word-of-mouth reviews from heads who have sought after or stumbled across his sublime house sessions.

A vinyl connoisseur who’s been active since the mid 90s, Move D, real name David Moufang, could probably play for days on end. The records at his disposal seem infinite, drawing for solid gold cut after solid gold cut. He’s one of those collectors that you just can’t touch. We’ve seen him play countless times and it’s always been life affirming.

Though his selection is prime, his production is up there too. He’s released on Warp, Workshop, Philpot, Modern Love, Running Back and Electric Minds under the Move D moniker as well as with previous projects Deep Space Network and Reagenz. Recent single ‘To The Disco ’77’ is one of his best, a real deep excursion, and Magic Mountain High, the improv unit he’s in alongside Juju & Jordash, just put out the excellent acid-tinged adventure that is ‘Live At Freerotation’.

Thanks to an impressive run of recent form in the club and in the studio, Move D’s become something of a figurehead for the current house music explosion.

He played before Floating Points on the last night at Hideout this year and put the biggest smile of the weekend on the collective face of the crowd with a wonderful blend of uplifting house and old school disco, which sadly isn’t available to listen to, but you can still find out why his name is on everyone’s lips again with this superb mix – save for a couple of moments of iffy mixing – recorded live at this year’s Freerotation festival in Wales.

It’s two hours long and comes direct from an event that’s something like a second home to Move D, so this is a good chance to hear him play inside the perfect setting…