Get Lucky: Mario Paint Edition

by thewheatandthechaff


The existence of the internet means everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame a lot more easily. But thanks to the rediscovery a few years back of Mario Paint Composer, the mini-game within the 1992 Super Nintendo game that’s now widely available for downloading online and has been producing roughly a zillion pop covers all over YouTube recently, all it takes these days for web fame is a good ear for musical arrangements.

Enter Adam Shin. He’s the guy behind your favourite Mario Paint Composer masterpiece du jour — a cover of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. While other YouTube users have posted multiple covers using the game (take this guy, for example), few have gathered so much steam — 2.4 million views of the video in a week and counting — so quickly. Not bad for a computer science student in Utah who, until a few months ago, had never even played the game before.

(via Wired)