Print ads just can’t keep up with Porsche

by thewheatandthechaff


Nice little campaign for Porsche China by the Shanghai office of Fred & Farid. Done a million times before? Sure. But this at least feels bang-on for the brand, and reminds me of the chapter in Jon Steel’s brilliant book Truth, Lies & Advertising, on his then-agency’s successful ‘open road’ campaigns for Porsche in the 90s: It’s not about being a Porsche owner. Because they’re all arseholes, right? It’s about hammering that Porsche down an open road. It’s about the joy of driving and leaving everyone else in your dust. These ads do that without having to say a word, and no one outside of advertising will give a shit that the idea isn’t particularly original.

Porsche-AWAY-3 Porsche-AWAY-4 porsche-away-hed-2013