This ad-free copy of Vogue will cost you

by thewheatandthechaff


For anyone who avoided picking up this year’s September issue of Vogue because it would cause back trouble to carry around, here’s another option—an ad-free version is for sale on Craigslist, with all the advertisements either cut out or blacked out. This allows you to enjoy an “uninterrupted read” without all that pesky filler.

The only problem? The price. “I calculating the ad expenditure of this issue for 280 Full Page Ads and 45 Double Page Spreads,” says the seller. “This was the amount advertisers spent so you could buy your copy of VOGUE at just $12 at your local bookstore. So obviously, without the ads, I will have to pass on the cost to you.” That explains the asking price of more than $4 million. Seems maybe they forgot to divide that by the number of issues printed?

(Via PSFK)