Brutalist Football

by thewheatandthechaff


Having visited the San Siro, above, at the tail end of last year to watch a struggling Milan side somehow sneak a draw against AS Roma in a poor game that only came to life in spits and spurts, by far the most awe-inspiring part of the experience was the stadium itself. A huge concrete beast of a thing, with insane spiralling columns connected to an exoskeleton structure, it’s what would happen if HR Giger designed stadiums instead of Alien sets. It’s one of the most striking, ugly-beautiful pieces of design I’ve ever seen.

So I was happy to recently discover an entire tumblr dedicated to celebrating the brutalist architecture of football stadia around the world (rather than celebrating brutal footballers). Two of my favourite things brought together in one place.

Be sure to visit the site for all the locations of the photos featured below, and for even more examples, if you share my odd fascination with these incredible monstrosities of a bygone era.

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