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The End


Source: Matt Baron, Cargo Collective

Time to say goodbye.

This blog has formed part of an important personal journey for me over the last couple of years. I’ve treated The Wheat and the Chaff as a repository for interesting stuff from culture to collect and share amongst a handful of friends – the only people I ever expected to read it other than myself. For years that has been pretty much been the case. This week changed that and made me personally aware for the first time just how quickly things can escalate and spread nowadays.

A post from last year, credited to, but reproduced without permission from another site and author, suddenly generated a shit load of buzz and attention. The buzz and attention was completely warranted – it’s a brilliantly written labour of love on an emotive subject that has struck a chord with many. The recipient of it was not. Interestingly, despite the article being posted nearly a year ago, its sudden second-life illustrates that ‘stock & flow‘ aren’t necessarily exclusive in the internet age.

The author was credited upfront and the site was linked at the end of the piece, but this completely failed to recognise the way that people consume information in the age of the internet. As a result, my blog was credited with the piece rather than the original site. I don’t know how it was discovered on my blog with zero visibility rather than on the original site which has a far bigger readership, but it wouldn’t have happened had I directed people to the original source upfront. For that I’m sorry.

My blog has always been a hobby. But for many others, the content they create on their sites is their livelihood, and it’s unfair when that is potentially impinged upon through the thoughtless behaviour of others.

The content on this blog could only be described as ‘eclectic’, from plenty of bolshy strategic thinking and ad land oddities, to Houston Rap, random tumblrs and British Suburban decay, and for that I’m proud. It’s always been about the stuff that I want to read, which has meant I’ve sometimes played fast and loose with copy and pasting. And I forgot along the way that I’m not just collecting a scrapbook for an audience of one.

So for me, this hobby has run its course.


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Lost London Nightclubs of the 90s (by Kentishtowner)

Source: Mattbx, Cargo Collective

Source: Mattbx, Cargo Collective

For Tom Kihl’s brilliant article on London’s top 5 lost nightclubs of the 90s, head to the equally brilliant Kentishtowner.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter, and look out for Part Two coming soon over there, which is sure to be another fantastic read.

Kelela: The High


Future-R’N’B Queen Kelela has new intoxicating, drugs-as-sexual-metaphor slow jam out, produced by Gifted & Blessed. Bass-laced, seductive and beautifully atmospheric, it’s another fantastic addition to the LA-based singer’s already impressive repertoire.

Todd Terje: Delorean Dynamite


Following on from the ecstatic “Strandbar” on Todd Terje’s forthcoming full-length, It’s Album Time, “Delorean Dynamite” keeps up the energy levels in stunning style.

(via Pitchfork)

Young Thug: Danny Glover (remix feat. Nicki Minaj)


Nikki Minaj is coming after Jessica Bie-el.

(via Pitchfork)


Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 14.16.28

4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. Forgotify wants to change that. Start listening here.

Aeroplane’s defiantly sun-soaked January mix


As the UK sees out January pretty much as it began, soaked in the miserable gloom of January storms and floods, we can at least rely on Belgian Balearic spinner Aeroplane to take us up above the clouds and into sunnier climbs with his first ‘not-so-monthly mix’ of 2014. I hope it goes some way to brightening your weekend.



Data – Soldier’s Flag ( The Reflex Revision )
Bondax – Giving It All
Moullinex – To Be Clear ( Kraak & Smaak Unreleased Edit )
Situation – Stand Tough ( Greg Wilson & Derek Kay Get Ruff Remix )
David Shaw & The Beat – No More White Horses ( Dombrance Remix)
Crazy P – Clouds
Lauer – Tyler
Tensnake – Love Sublime ft. Fiora & Nile Rodgers ( Ewan Pearson Remix )
Ken Hayakawa – Positive effects
Allusion – Search For Ecstacy
Dirtytwo – The Remedy ( Caserta Knows The Cure Remix )
Bambook – Give It Up ( 303 Mix )
My Favorite Robot – White Light ( Jimmy Edgar Remix )
Eurocrats – Black Hole Bass ( 606 Version )
Crowdpleaser – Nenekri ( Mickey Moonligh Remix )

Camera phones and oversharing


Following on from Joe Bishop’s article posted here last week, i-D‘s Milly Abraham has her say on the scurge camera phones at gigs and clubs.

The man who bought Brixton Academy for £1

jonnapsi2 copy

Simon Parkes has given Vice a fascinating little excerpt from his book, charting his fascinating chronicles as owner of one of London’s most revered live music venues.

An app that enables you to redefine music by looking around


An innovative and interactive musical app called “Sadly By Your Side”, aims to offer a new musical experience with each listen (building upon a concept that Gwilym Gold established). The app allows you to remix the Sadly By Your Side album, which was already released by Davide Cairo on the Fabrica arts label, who collaborated with the making of the app.

Essentially, it responds to the colours in any given environment that the phone’s camera is placed in. For instance, an environment with mostly black-toned colours will alter tempo, while a red or blue background would vary the tone of the piece.