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Tools of Study


Currently on view at Klein Sun Gallery in New York, artist Li Hongbo has an exhibition of new and old work titled Tools of Study. Hongbo is known for his unconventional figurative sculptures made from thousands of sheets of flexible paper that twist and elongate in almost any direction, many of which take several months to complete. Watching them shift and warp from seemingly solid states into long worms feels like dropping acid in the sculpture room of the Louvre.




You can see Li Hungbo’s work up close at Klein Sun until March.




This is lovely new work by Land Rover, perfectly apt for this horrific weather Blighty continues to be blighted by:


The haven provided by a reliable vehicle is the missing ingredient here and Land Rover has the confidence to believe that we’ll understand that without it being spelled out.



A list of reasons why our brains love lists


By Maria Konnikova, writing for The New Yorker. 


Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 14.16.28

4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. Forgotify wants to change that. Start listening here.

The Weightless Project

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 13.56.36

Under the idea of “obesity is preventable, hunger is solvable,” Weightless Project combines wearable technology (Jawbone, Fitbit and Basis partnered with the project so far) to a pressing world problem of hunger.

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Dear Agency Whiners: Do Something


My W+K colleague Jen Lewis has a pretty inarguable response to a widely shared and pretty scathing critique of the failings of agency culture by Murat Mutlu.

A couple of months ago, an article by Murat Mutlu appeared on Digiday called “Why Talented Creatives Are Leaving Your Agency,” and it touched a nerve in the industry. I saw it shared many times and picked up on other blogs, and all of the commenters were ecstatic: Finally, their all-too-familiar frustrations now had a voice. Since then, I’ve frequently found myself in the middle of this discussion with others, online and in person. And while this is exactly the kind of debate we should be having about the advertising industry, just pointing out what’s wrong is not enough.

It’s easy to blame agencies and the agency model, but the reality is that we each need to take responsibility for the situations we put ourselves in. So rather than ranting about what’s wrong with agencies, here is a list of a few ways people in advertising can help make the right career choices so they aren’t in situations where they are unhappy and frustrated.

1. Take responsibility for yourself.
The original article points an abstract and reprimanding finger at agencies: “You need to win these projects that push our boundaries, it’s down to you,” said Mutlu. But who is this fictional “you”? An agency is just a group of people. It’s us. So if we want to win projects that inspire us, the responsibility is on our own shoulders. The fact is, nobody wants to make bad work. Not creatives, designers, account teams, planners or clients. We all want to look good, so we have to find ways of doing that together. No one will hand you a carte blanche brief to just go do something “amazing.” If you feel like you’re missing opportunities, create them. Ask to be involved in other projects. Propose your own.

2. Believe in what your industry does.
We work in the advertising industry. We create advertising. If you’re not on board with that fundamental idea, you’re already in the wrong place. If you’re smart, you know that advertising can be bigger than just selling products. If you make work with a voice and point of view more ambitious than the product alone, you can start conversations with the community and, more important, contribute positively to culture. If you don’t believe advertising has a role in creating culture, don’t work in advertising; otherwise you’ll always be frustrated. If you only want to make films, or art, or stories or games in the abstract sense, go and do those things.

3. Work for someone who has the same values as you.
If you don’t share the same creative values as your boss or your boss’s boss, you’re at the wrong place. Find a place that shares those values. You might care more about salary, so go to an agency driven by commercial goals. You might care more about work/life balance, so go to an agency championed by someone who does too. Maybe it’s just down to the creative work, so find a place driven purely by that same ambition.

If you join an agency full of people who talk differently about their goals and ambitions than you, don’t be surprised that you feel alone and frustrated. Read their tweets. Read their blog. Ask around. What do those who are hiring you care about? What questions are they asking you? Are they the same things that matter to you the most? If not, don’t kid yourself.

4. Understand the realities of the workplace.
This is your job. You are here to work. Sometimes work is hard. Sometimes you have to compromise. Sometimes you have to work late. Sometimes you put a lot of time and effort into a project that falls flat. Sometimes you don’t get your way. That’s the reality of going to work. In every industry. Around the world. Since the dawn of time. As creatives, why do we deserve to be molly-coddled more than others?

5. Have some perspective.
In what other industry do you get to flex such a range of creative muscles? We get to do strategy, problem solving, user interaction, directing, photography, animation, copywriting, event management — the full bloody works.

We get to spend our days talking about what we find interesting in the world around us. We figure out how to apply that to the work we create. We get to talk about technology and business and politics and music and art and film and storytelling. We get to make something tangible and share it with the world. If we’re lucky, we get to make something people do actually give a shit about. Maybe that’s as simple as making them laugh, or it could get them to see the world from a new perspective, or take an action they otherwise wouldn’t. Sure, we’re not saving lives. But if that’s what you want, become a doctor. There are other industries to work in.

6. If you hate something, change something.
This industry is built by people. By us. Our future depends on us taking responsibility and finding solutions to the problems we face, not lamenting and pointing fingers. You can’t be upset that your agency isn’t taking risks and trying new things if you aren’t either.

Yes, old models will die. Old agencies full of lackluster talent will perish. Taking their place will be the new agencies or startups, or whatever you want to call them, that are driven by a united ambition to solve problems and create culture. They’ll be staffed by people who take responsibility for their futures, who believe in their product and believe in those around them.

Agencies aren’t dead. They’re evolving. If you want to come along for the ride, stop moaning and start moving.

Aeroplane’s defiantly sun-soaked January mix


As the UK sees out January pretty much as it began, soaked in the miserable gloom of January storms and floods, we can at least rely on Belgian Balearic spinner Aeroplane to take us up above the clouds and into sunnier climbs with his first ‘not-so-monthly mix’ of 2014. I hope it goes some way to brightening your weekend.



Data – Soldier’s Flag ( The Reflex Revision )
Bondax – Giving It All
Moullinex – To Be Clear ( Kraak & Smaak Unreleased Edit )
Situation – Stand Tough ( Greg Wilson & Derek Kay Get Ruff Remix )
David Shaw & The Beat – No More White Horses ( Dombrance Remix)
Crazy P – Clouds
Lauer – Tyler
Tensnake – Love Sublime ft. Fiora & Nile Rodgers ( Ewan Pearson Remix )
Ken Hayakawa – Positive effects
Allusion – Search For Ecstacy
Dirtytwo – The Remedy ( Caserta Knows The Cure Remix )
Bambook – Give It Up ( 303 Mix )
My Favorite Robot – White Light ( Jimmy Edgar Remix )
Eurocrats – Black Hole Bass ( 606 Version )
Crowdpleaser – Nenekri ( Mickey Moonligh Remix )


medium_oprah_bees (1)

Created by LA based advertising agency CP+B, the .GIFYS is the first ever award honouring the humble GIF.

The nominees are seperated into different categories, including Animals, News and Politics, WTF and the highly prized GIF of the Year. The shortlist for each category was selected by a guest expert panelist, including members of Buzzfeed, Gawker and Tumblr, and of course, Lil Bub, who himself found internet fame in early 2012 thanks to the GIF format. Voting is open to the public, and already over 500,000 votes have been cast. The winners, who will be announced today.

There’s something universally appealing about the lo-fi looped animated GIF, and its popularity in recent years has seen it evolve something verging on an artform, capable of entertainment and social commentary. “The gif is now 26 years olds” says award co-founder William Sawyer. “It’s about time they received their due respect with a proper awards show”.

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Camera phones and oversharing


Following on from Joe Bishop’s article posted here last week, i-D‘s Milly Abraham has her say on the scurge camera phones at gigs and clubs.

Brutalist Football


Having visited the San Siro, above, at the tail end of last year to watch a struggling Milan side somehow sneak a draw against AS Roma in a poor game that only came to life in spits and spurts, by far the most awe-inspiring part of the experience was the stadium itself. A huge concrete beast of a thing, with insane spiralling columns connected to an exoskeleton structure, it’s what would happen if HR Giger designed stadiums instead of Alien sets. It’s one of the most striking, ugly-beautiful pieces of design I’ve ever seen.

So I was happy to recently discover an entire tumblr dedicated to celebrating the brutalist architecture of football stadia around the world (rather than celebrating brutal footballers). Two of my favourite things brought together in one place.

Be sure to visit the site for all the locations of the photos featured below, and for even more examples, if you share my odd fascination with these incredible monstrosities of a bygone era.

tumblr_my0b5s2npI1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my00fu1Old1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my0r1sAmHx1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my0t5k2mK11t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my1q32BKqU1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my1r6hypIl1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my2a61ku0E1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my2lekIMbu1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my3miyZe8b1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my3r9v55FD1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my5getOJTY1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my5h9vCPTo1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my28b7cEKb1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_my28xyLQlr1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_myon0pDyui1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_myu0hsMtFp1t96rc2o1_1280 tumblr_mz6wl2wAJo1t96rc2o1_1280